Grower Advisement

Tap into our 40+ years of research and development, adaptations and inventions, all honed to your specific grower needs. Let our team know if your interests are energy efficiency, building plans, robust clones, assessment of your farm (with or without drone farm mapping), or general questions, tips and advisement.


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Farm site mapping

Monitoring your crop progress from the air. Hemp requires good drainage so an evaluation prior to planting as well as progress monitoring is essential. The video link is of Greene County in some lowland flood plains.

Flood Video

In this aerial assessment of snow there are thermal signs given off of each building/structure, including the solar panels, by rate of snow melt or accumulation.



Clones/Plant Material

If you need to apply or already have a grower or processor license we can help with being prepared for compliance. We can also provide you with robust healthy clones or hemp material for your research.


Phone: 434-985-3570, ext 1

or 877-ARUGULA



Strong Clones

 Healthy clones with vigorous root systems

When you purchase clones you need healthy and vigourous plants with good genetics and proven performance. Our clones are fully developed plants ready to transplant, a well rooted plug not just a woody stick in a peat pellet. A strong start will help you achieve good crop harvest. Here is the Link to our shopping site to  Order Clones

Learn More

If you are just getting started or even established we will keep you up to date. The webinar here is a recent update from Erin Williams of VDACS and Dr. John Fike of Virginia Tech regarding hemp in Virginia:

Webinar Video


2018-10-18 greater area farm - 2

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