CBD oils and Tinctures

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On Farm Lab Products

We are producing extracts and potential food produces using farm fresh Virginia Hemp including both CBD concentrates in vegetable oils and our own proprietary full spectrum “entourage” tinctures as well as carbonated soft beverages.

CO2 concentrated CBD in MCT -1000mg

Our unflavored basic high potency CBD in 30ml dropper bottle.

COA of 1000mg showing 41.4mg/g yielding total 1145mg

Full Spectrum Live Cold Ethanol Tincture

Our own proprietary fresh live plant cold ultrasonic alcohol based tincture hand trimmed and processed within minutes from live plant to terpene rich full spectrum tincture. This tincture has surprisingly rapid effects that are not fully understood but are likely attributed to the “entourage” effect of being a live full spectrum plant tincture.