Healthy Clones and Extracts

To Buy Extracts click here. It all starts with the right genetic material and vigorous healthy clones; ours are really more like plants a vegetable grower would use: strong, fully rooted and a well developed soil plug. Jump to order site: Order Clones

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Planning Consultation

Worried about the risks of getting into the hemp growing business? Our Knowledge and Experience will assist your planning - we will help identify strengths and weaknesses and get you off to a great start.

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Growing Consultation

There is a lot to learn about growing hemp, such as how much water, soil vitality, fertility, diseases and insects. We can help you be prepared to keep your crop thriving through all nature brings. We can guide you with our years of our growing experience, hemp partnerships and technical tools, including FAA licensed drone flights over your crop.

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Since 1993

Success In Hemp

We are working with Farmers to create a thriving hemp industry in the Mid-Atlantic region as laws of the new Farm Bill and regulations open up the possibilities of this amazing crop. Let us help you ensure a healthy and rich harvest. With team members' decades of experience, long-time contacts in the industry, and proven superior results, we are grateful to participate in your growth by providing details and vigorous clones, consultation/assessment or advice, mapping and planning, or data for your research.

Healthy Hemp Clones

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There is a lot to learn, many agencies are involved check here for information often.